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Oct 15, 2011 2:00am EDT
, very high. and a lot of us, certainly the three of us who were sitting at the table as moderators, expected him to come in aggressively. the day before, he had released a really hard-edged video against mitt romney talking about health care. we were expecting that the minute the subject turned to health care, he was just going to take out after him. and the opposite happened. it was -- you said he faded. it was almost like he disappeared. gwen: there were long periods of time, true of jon huntsman as well. but long periods of time when you expected this guy who had come out of the gate so fast to finally take charge. especially since everyone has said he hasn't done well in debates before but it kind of didn't happen. >> and it wasn't like he wasn't given the opportunities. and obviously herman cain was just reveling in his -- in his new stature in the race. and mitt romney, though, is -- a republican operative had said to me earlier this week, it's like this guy is going to win the indy 500 at 35 miles an hour. just by not running into the guard rails. and i think that's what he
Sep 30, 2011 10:30pm EDT
. pierre's been on the story for months. tell us, how important was the killing of al lackey? >> gwen, even before osama bin laden had been killed, sources have been telling me this was the most dangerous man on the planet. they said that because he was operational in terms of getting involved with al qaeda's operation to kill americans through plots developed overseas but also a pretty massive and sophisticated online presence. english speaking magazines online, which he would preach to americans kill other americans. they said he was both operational and also a propaganda genius. gwen: it wasn't long ago he was here in falls church, virginia, sitting not far from where we are tonight and he was considered a friend, moderate, somebody who cooperated with the u.s. government. how did he become radicalized and how did he become so important? >> this is an interesting story of his evolution. a lot of officials thought he was mod moderate as you said. beginning with the underwear bomb plot, we began to ee change in the thinking about this guy. i remember in december of last year i sat do
Oct 8, 2011 2:00am EDT
little and i was fighting with my brother and my mother put us in the back room and said don't come out until you're friends. >> she's talking about the super committee she's on, their ability to work something out. but is that possible on capitol hill? that everybody gets in a room away from cameras and work things out? >> the smoke filled back rooms don't exist anymore. if they did -- i don't know whether they did or -- things have really kind of devolved into a political brawl here that, i got to say, call me mieve. when this jobs bill debate started, i thought something might come of it because when you looked at the time, in early september, congress came back from this recess and the public was hopping mad about the way they dealt with the debt limit. the economy continued to stall and obama's proposal, when he came out with it in early september, it wasn't a totally in-your-face partisan bill and he pulled on ideas republicans would support and republicans seemed to be on their best behavior so at the outset it looked like something could come of it and it's unraveled since then.
Oct 28, 2011 8:00pm PDT
romney people say it's unaffordable, will not work, it will blow out the deficit. at least it gives us something fresh to talk about expect for the fact he appeared to be lackluster and lacking energy and ar tick lace at some of the debates. >> if both cain and perry, their fantasies had been fueled by the anybody but romney sentiment, i'm wondering do you think perry can restore his place as the alternative to romney? is he basically now competing with herman cain more than romney? >> i don't think so. i think he's still in the game with mitt romney. he has $15 million in the bank. there are only two candidates right now who demonstrated they have a lot of money to put on television which ultimately, i think, is where the thing is going to get serious. but there's no slam dunk certainty of that. one of the questions is somebody like herman cain who doesn't have the war chest, is there something viral about his appeal that will float his candidacy not in the traditional way. this could be an untraditional cycle, but by all of the metrics that we have all used in the past, rick perry is
Oct 21, 2011 8:00pm PDT
use force in small footprint ways. and we're seeing that in drones, in pakistan. we're seeing that in the interesting role in libya, we're seeing that in africa. gwen: uganda. >> exactly. where the administration has actually sent 100 advisors. >> because we're drawing down. because they finally have the special forces to do it. they specifically said that. >> but does this add up when you try to put it all together to an obama doctrine that can be enunciated by the president of the united states? >> the administration says it's allergic to that. all administrations are allergic to doctrines. gwen: because they are held to it. >> and figure out what rules we're going to go by. but it is a kind of obama doctrine. >> can we remember -- and strike by it again today with the president talking about the drawdown in afghanistan, we're going to be in afghanistan for a long time. we're going to be in afghanistan for three more years with probably about 60,000 troops and after that you probably will have -- >> it was striking the president tried to make this a big day by saying the tide of war
Oct 7, 2011 8:00pm PDT
attractive. so he's used the debates a little like mike huckabee did four years ago, which is to draw attention to himself but do it in a way that makes people like him. he hasn't drawn any criticism from the others at this point. that may or may not begin to happen in the next debate, next tuesday in new hampshire. 'll see how much sustainability he has and as genie pointed out, there is a question of whether he has the infrastructure and financial wherewithal to go a long anderson. >> i'm curious, jeanne, where this sounds like a lot of campaigns where we've seen where there's always someone who excites the crowd and for a moment they seem exciting to the base but what happens then? do they have the infrastructure? >> absolutely. and there's very little evidence that herman cain has built any kind of operation in iowa, which is expensive, because it takes a lot of people to make iowa work for you. you have -- and there's no evidence that he has enough money to buy ads to play in new hampshire or most importantly florida, now that it may move up. gwen: and the straw poll? >> the flor
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)